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Relive the Classic, Cherish the Memories! Remember the days of intense in-fighting with your teammates at the 10-minute mark for that precious Tome of Knowledge? Now you can reminisce about those epic battles with the Dota 2 Tome of Knowledge Plush Pillow.

• This unique pillow is shaped like a foldable book, bringing to life the iconic Dota 2 Tome of Knowledge. When you need a bit of extra space, you can fold it into a compact size, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your gaming chair, sofa, or bed.
• Crafted from soft and cozy wool and generously filled with sponge, it becomes incredibly plush and comfortable to the touch. Whether you're hugging it during an intense game or using it as a headrest, it's perfect for unwinding in comfort.
• Just like the in-game Tome of Knowledge, this plush pillow has a delightful surprise. Unfold it, and you'll discover physical representations of in-game props, consumables, and wards that are essential to Dota 2 gameplay.
• The props and accessories are ingeniously designed with Velcro backing, allowing you to place them inside the book to recreate the in-game experience. Customize and arrange the accessories to your liking, just like you would strategize in Dota 2.

Material: Plush fabric, wool and cotton.

Size: 70x40cm when unfolded. 33x40cm when folded.

Designed by: Perfect World

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