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Venture into the extraordinary realm of Dota 2 with our exclusive Dota 2 Juggernaut Sleep Gear Set, an homage to the formidable hero, Juggernaut.

This sleep gear is meticulously designed to encompass the very spirit of Juggernaut's color and characteristics, offering a distinctive way to immerse yourself in the Dota 2 universe.

• Perfect for catching some Z's at home, the office, or even take a break during long gaming sessions.
• The blanket is adorned with intricate embroidery that masterfully encapsulates the essence of Juggernaut's character and style.

• Crafted from high-quality thick Flannel, the blanket envelops you in warmth and comfort, mirroring the protective aura of Juggernaut's Healing Ward.
• The hair band is both comfortable and durable. It won't tug at your hair, and the finely detailed embroidery adds a touch of flair.
• The eye mask blends cotton and plush, providing breathable comfort. It's designed to be pressure-free, allowing you to relish a deep slumber or a brief nap.

Material: High-quality thick Flannel (blanket),  short crystal super soft plush fabric, cotton.

Dimension (length*width*height):

  • Summer blanket: 150cm x 90cm
  • Hair band: 23cm x 20cm
  • Eye mask: 26cm x 13 cm

The size is for reference only. Due to manual measurement, there may be a deviation of 1-2cm subject to the actual product.

Full Set Include:
1 x Juggernaut Summer Blanket
1 x Juggernaut Hair Band
1 x Juggernaut Eye Mask

Designed by: Perfect World

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