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Celebrate your journey through the ranks and proudly display your MMR with these beautifully crafted badges.

These badges aren't just accessories; they're a statement of your Dota 2 prowess, showcasing your hard-earned MMR rank with style and precision.

• Immerse yourself in the game with badges rich in detail, capturing the essence of each rank. Whether you're a Herald or an Immortal, these badges are designed to resonate with your Dota 2 journey.
• The smooth lines and intricate design make these badges worth treasuring. Each one is a testament to your dedication and success in the game.
• As you ascend the ranks, proudly display your MMR bracket using these badges. They're not just symbols; they're a reflection of your skill and determination.
• The badges feature a 3D body craft, adding depth and character to each piece. The result is a stunning visual representation of your Dota 2 rank.
• Crafted from durable zinc alloy, these badges are built to last. The delicate workmanship ensures that each badge is a work of art in its own right.
• The included medal box provides an elegant and secure home for your badges, allowing you to showcase them with pride.

Material: High quality zinc alloy


  • Herald - 2.5x2.6cm
  • Guardian - 2.8x2.6cm
  • Crusader - 3.5x2.8cm
  • Archon - 5x4.7cm
  • Legend - 5x5cm
  • Ancient - 5x4.4cm
  • Divine - 5x4.4cm
  • Immortal - 5x5cmg

Designed by: Perfect World

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