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TI12 DOTA 2 SOCKS PACK (3-in-1)

TI12 DOTA 2 SOCKS PACK (3-in-1)

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Introducing the exclusive 3-in-1 socks pack, a must-have for this year's TI event, featuring three iconic Dota 2 heroes - Shadow Fiend, Hoodwink & Ogre Magi. 

Elevate your style, embrace your favorite heroes, and revel in the magic of Dota 2 with this limited-edition sock collection.

• Crafted with precision using Jacquard textile craftsmanship, these socks offer a truly unique wearing experience.
• Eye-catching 3D patterns and designs, adding a touch of style and personality to your outfit.
• Crafted using boneless seam design to ensure a seamless, irritation-free fit, allowing you to enjoy all-day comfort without the annoyance of traditional seams.
• Designed to complement your individual style. These socks are the perfect accessory, allowing you the freedom to express yourself with your choice of attire.

Material: Cotton, elastan.

Base Color: Multicolor

Size: One size available, suitable for size 38-43

Washing Instructions:
• Wash Them Inside Out
• Use the Cold Wash Setting
• Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals to Wash Them
• Hang Dry Your Socks
• Don’t Iron Your Socks
• Don’t Roll Your Socks, Folding is Best

Designed by: Perfect World

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